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    PhD Scholarships


    Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

    The ARC Training Centre for Cell Culture and Tissue Engineering (CTET) is a new training centre based at Monash University and Queensland University of Technology. CTET will develop the next generation of industry-ready post-graduate students.

    In conjunction with Australian and international partners, CTET will be offering 20 industry-led PhD research projects in various fields within tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, as well as supply chain and commercialisation.

    Candidates must hold an Honours or Master degree with a significant research component. An academic background in relevant fields, eg. social sciences, natural sciences, engineering or business, is required.

    Rate: AUD $34,014/pa for 3 years.

    Masters projects are also available for 1.5 – 2 years. 

    Projects are available in the following research areas:
          • sensors for cell quality control
          • nanomaterials for cancer immunotherapies
          • in vitro tissues for cancer investigations
          • biomaterials for vaccine delivery
          • programming different cell types into podocytes
          • scaffold and implant development
          • cell based regenerative products
          • entrepreneurship and business models for cell therapies
          • patient-surgeon interactions

    Theme 1:
    Engineering process

    Theme 2: 
    Advanced materials and manufacturing

    Theme 3:

    Theme 4:
    Value chain and

    Our projects

    Theme 4: Value chain and commercialisation

    Business model innovations

    Theme 4: Value chain and commercialisation Prof. Dietmar Hutmacher Prof. Dietmar Hutmacher Prof. Amrik Sohal Prof. Uwe Dulleck This project analyses two distinctive approaches of …

    Theme 3: Tissue engineering technologies

    Smart technologies for customisable bone regeneration

    Theme 3: Tissue Engineering Technologies Dr. Laura BrayDr. Siamak SaifzadehDr. Roland SteckProf. Dietmar Hutmacher This project seeks to develop advanced manufacturing and injection moulding of …

    Theme 2: Advanced materials and manufacturing

    Materials and processes for optimised, scalable manufacture of stem cells for therapeutic applications

    Theme 2: Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Prof. Laurence Meagher A/Prof. Tracy Heng Prof. Mibel Aguilar A/Prof. Travis Klein In this project, we will apply novel …

    The ARC Training Centre for Cell and Tissue Engineering Technologies will allow Australia to deliver industry-aligned innovations resulting in the creation of human capital, next generation jobs, patents and spin-off companies in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

    This will strengthen the global competitiveness of the Australian tissue engineering and regenerative medicine industries as well as bring long-term health benefits to the Australian community.

    The ARC Training Centre for Cell and Tissue Engineering Technologies is a newly funded centre led by Monash University in collaboration with the Queensland University of Technology and 22 partner organisations. The Centre aims to develop the next generation of industry-ready workforce in the Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering sector. This will be achieved through an industry specific training program, tailored for the needs of PhDs, postdoctoral fellows and industry partners in the centre, with research carried out in industry facing projects.
    Funding from the ARC in this Centre presents an exciting opportunity for university and industry collaboration in a high growth industry sector with impactful health and economic outcomes for Australia.

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