Dietmar W. Hutmacher speaks about his journey of co-founding Osteopore

In this video, watch as Dr. Dietmar W. Hutmacher, Professor and Chair in Regenerative Medicine of Queensland University of Technology (QUT), speaks about his journey of co-founding Osteopore and how its technology will creative impact in the Orthopaedic market.

0:06 – Tell Us About Your Background And Your Role In Osteopore (OSX.AX)
0:27 – What Inspired You To Co-Found Osteopore?
1:07 – Tell Us About Osteopore’s Competitive Advantage Over Other Solutions In The Market
1:36 – What Are Your Thoughts On Collaborating With Several German Orthopaedic Surgeons To Provide Osteopore Implants For Shinbone Reconstruction?
2:21 – With Orthopaedic Being A Very Larger Sector, How Will Osteopore’s Technology Make Significant Impact To This Area In Germany?

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