Australia has an expanding industry focused on the delivery of cell-based and tissue engineering therapies, which consists largely of small to medium enterprises. In fact, there are approximately 100 tissue engineering, regenerative medicine and cell therapy companies in Australia, with an expectation that this will only increase. These types of companies are poised to transform from proof-of-principle studies towards clinical validation and standardisation, paving the way for the next generation of commercialisation. However, growth in innovation in this section is limited by access to appropriately skilled graduates with a combination of entrepreneurism and commercial knowledge, combined with scientific expertise. CTET will align with industry to address the Med Tech, Pharma and Advanced Manufacturing Industrial Transform Priorities to train this highly skilled workforce, and deliver technology solutions in these fields.

The ARC Training Centre for Cell and Tissue Engineering Technologies will provide a training platform to engage and up-skill the future researchers and workforce for the tissue engineering and regenerative medicine sector through industry-led projects.

The Centre is designed to have significant impact on the sector through contributions to the creation of human capital, jobs, patents and spin-off companies that would secure global competitiveness of the Australian tissue engineering and regenerative medicine industry, aid in expanding the biotechnology industries, and bring about long-term health benefits to the Australian community.

In total, there are 62 CIs and PIs from 22 organisations covering a broad range of disciplines. The Centre will provide employment for five postdoctoral fellows and 20 stipends for PhD scholars over a five-year term.

A number of our partner organisations will focus on helping us deliver the training program, which will be based on masterclasses from industry experts and academic partners. The Centre will produce industry-ready graduates and early career researchers with innovative, translational, cross-disciplinary and entrepreneurial mindsets.