Theme 3: Tissue engineering

Prof. Gail Risbridger

The MURAL cohort of patient prostate cancer xenografts is a world class pre-clinical platform for drug discovery and testing. It is particularly suited to evaluating combination therapies since the scale and scope of preclinical studies is far greater than that which can be assessed in individual patients.

This capability has fostered access to new and emerging drugs and drug targets from industry. This includes CAR T cell therapies which we have shown can reduce tumour size to <1% of starting volume when given in combination with agents that modify the tumor microenvironment (TME).

A major focus of ProsTic is the use of Lu-PSMA as a ground-breaking approach to the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer. As there is emerging evidence that Lu-PSMA alters TME, there is a rationale for a likely combination of Lu-PSMA and CAR T cell therapies to eliminate the tumor.  Thus, we postulate that Lu-PSMA in combination with LeY CAR T cells, can completely eliminate tumour cells, preventing tumour recurrence and overcoming resistance.

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