Theme 2: Advanced materials & manufacturing

Dr. Laura Bray

A/Prof. Larisa Haupt

Prof. Nathan Subramaniam,

Prof. Gail Risbridger

This project will validate the 3D in vitro starPEG-heparin hydrogel model as a physiologically relevant model that can screen for antineoplastic breast cancer therapeutics. It is hypothesized that the 3D in vitro model is physiologically precise enough as a model for mimicking the breast tumour microenvironment that it will accurately act as a platform for BCa drug screening. If the model does present itself as a tool capable of being used in drug-related research, then it may be used by clinicians as a drug screening tool within the clinic, or by researchers and pharmaceutical companies to develop novel drugs or elucidate potential synergistic behaviours between current drugs for breast cancer.

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