Theme 3: Tissue Engineering

Prof. Neil Cameron

Peripheral nerve injury (PNI) often leaves life-long disabilities. In the US, the typical annual number of nerve repair procedures exceeds 500,000 and this is projected to increase over time. Nerve autografts are the current gold standard treatment, but these often lead to donor site morbidity, nerve mismatch and additional surgical costs. There is an urgent need to develop effective nerve guidance conduits (NGCs) with which to treat PNIs. This project will build on previous research at Monash University on the development of porous and topologically defined NGC materials. Specifically, in this new project you will explore the functional performance of candidate NGC materials both in vitro and in vivo, and develop new materials capable of electronic stimulation of nerve regrowth. The research will be conducted in Professor Neil Cameron’s research group, in collaboration with other research groups at Monash.


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